oh, mona lisa - a long overdue celesgami fanmix

art credit / 8tracks

01. lana del rey - national anthem // i sing the national anthem / while i’m standing over your body / hold you like a python / and you can’t keep your hands off me
02. the bravery - hatefuck // i can keep secrets that i know you want me / you could dig your nails into my skin and you won’t stop me
03. panic! at the disco - the ballad of mona lisa // oh, mona lisa! / you’re guaranteed to run this town / oh, mona lisa / i’d pay to see you frown
04. alice francis - shoot him down // i want to choke him / want to maltreat him / i want to squeeze him / and break his neck neck neck neck
05. the pierces - secret // got a secret, can’t keep it / swear this one you’ll save / better lock it in your pocket / taking this one to the grave
06. lana del rey - lolita // i could be yours, i could be your baby tonight / topple you down from your sky forty stories high
07. marina & the diamonds - power and control // think you’re funny, think you’re smart / yeah, you may be good looking / but you’re not a piece of art
08. florence & the machine - bedroom hymns // this is as good a place to fall as any / we’ll build our altar here / make me your maria / i’m already on my knees
09. marina & the diamonds - bubblegum bitch // i’ll chew you up and i’ll spit you out / ‘cause that’s what young love is all about
10. lorde - royals // let me be your ruler, you can call me queen b / and baby i’ll rule, i’ll rule, i’ll rule, i’ll rule / let me live that fantasy

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