he said “you make my organs slosh around loose,” and i blushed, flattered, when i should have been calling nine one one.

a yosuke/adachi fanmix for sympathy crime, the worst and greatest fanfiction that will ever happen to you

please remember that opinions expressed by tohru adachi do not ever, ever, ever necessarily reflect the opinions of the management

art credit / 8tracks

01. lana del rey - you can be the boss // he had a cigarette with his number on it / he gave it over to me, “do you want it?” / i knew it was wrong but i palmed it / i saved, i waited, i called it

02. marina & the diamonds - power & control // think you’re funny, think you’re smart / yeah, you might be good looking / but you’re not a piece of art

03. she wants revenge - tear you apart // i wanna hold you close / soft breath, beating heart / as i whisper in your ear / “i wanna fucking tear you apart.”

04. ludo - love me dead // kill me romantically / fill my soul with vomit and then ask me for a piece of gum / bitter and dumb, you’re my sugarplum / you’re awful, i love you

05. arctic monkeys - 505 // i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck / or i did last time i checked

06. the neighbourhood - afraid // it hurts but i won’t fight you / you suck anyway / you make me wanna die

07. lana del rey - serial killer // baby, i’m a sociopath / sweet serial killer / on the warpath / ‘cause i love you just a little too much

08. alice francis - shoot him down // i want to choke him / want to maltreat him / i want to squeeze him / and break his neck, neck, neck, neck

09. gin wigmore - kill of the night // now you’re mine / but what do i do with you, boy? / i’ll take your heart / to kick around as a toy

10. panic! at the disco - nicotine // i taste you on my lips and i can’t get rid of you / so i say damn your kiss and the awful things you do

11. alt-j - breezeblocks // oh, please don’t go, please don’t go / i love you so, i love you so 

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